Action Plan

The aim of cancer therapy must be :

  1. Remove toxins from the body.
  2. Prevent more toxins from entering the body.
  3. Build up the immune system to halt and reverse the cancer.
  4. Introduce natural cancer killing substances and substances that aid the immune system in identifying and destroying the cancer cells.

Although the topic is cancer, the above will help with all manner of health issues. Follow these steps and your health will improve in all manner of ways. Aches and pains may disappear ; you will probably slim down beautifully ; your fitness will automatically improve; you will be more alert and focused; skin conditions may clear up.

raw can cure cancer


I have included the cover of this book as it is a true and very inspirational story of how a woman cured her “incurable” cancer. It will be very helpful to read a true example ( of which there are many ! ) and it is full of great advice. Have a look for the link on the right hand side and go over to Amazon to have a peak at the preview.

Treat this as an exciting journey ! Cancer is a symptom of a toxic body and if you can overhaul your body, the results will be spectacular !

Simple Cure For Cancer

Radiation is not a therapy ! Radiation causes cancer. Ask the residents or survivors of Chernobyl, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Fukushima. Ask a radiologist why they must protect themselves from the radiation. Radiation destroys the immune system and healthy cells. Have we not always believed that radiation causes mutations ?

Simple Cure For Cancer

Chemotherapy is not a therapy ! Chemotherapy drugs are carcinogenic. Why would you put synthetic, cancer causing chemicals inside your body to stop cancer ??? Chemotherapy destroys the immune system and destroys healthy cells and bacteria. It has been shown that chemotherapy does not kill cancer stem cells, only cancer daughter cells. The tumor may shrink but the cancer will come back and with a vengeance as the immune system will have been shattered.

Simple Cure For Cancer

Just a reminder – get all of your amalgam fillings removed – mercury is a deadly toxin. Just ask a dentist whether they are allowed to just flush mercury down the drain. You have had a deadly toxin inserted into your head, close to your brain !

Vaccines commonly contain aluminum(a powerful toxin ) as an adjuvant, which promotes a greater immune  response. Anti perspirants also commonly contain aluminum.

The pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries are powerful and influential. Natural therapies,  mere changes to  diet and a shift to organic foods  threaten their profits. They have an enormous influence on the medical community,  government departments and the media.

Simple Cure For Cancer

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