Stress and Anxiety

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We should all be very aware that our emotions and the state of our health are directly linked.

Stress, anxiety, unhappiness, grief, sadness and bitterness all lead to a deterioration of health. Poor health then leads to more unhappiness, anxiety, stress, etc. and this in turn leads to even worse health which leads to even more unhappiness and so on in an ever increasing downward spiral.

  • Remove yourself from stressful, anxiety-producing situations. Hopefully you realize that your health is more important than money or your career !  Armed with good health , the world can provide many opportunities. Take away your health and the world becomes a bleaker place.
  • Find happiness. Remember what has made you smile and be happy in the past. Often as we go  through life  we put aside our passions and our joys as we get caught up in the needs of everyday living. Find your passions ! Find things that make you smile ! Seek out laughter ! Giving these gifts to other people will rebound miraculously.
  • Simple Cure For Cancer
  • Exercise produces chemicals in the body that have a calming effect, relieve stress and encourage happiness. Exercise aids in the removal of toxins as it gets the blood and lymph flowing and everything loosening up, including the digestive system. It also oxygenates the body : Remember that cancer cells operate without oxygen ? Well they actually don’t like an oxygenated environment.
  • Forgive yourself and others. Hurt, blame and guilt build up like a festering sore. You have to recognize these issues and you have to let go !!!!
  • Meditation, meaning any practice that aims to still the mind. The mind continually chatters with unnecessary and often negative thoughts. Seek out a practice that aims to still the mind and allow peace, calm and clarity if only for moments at a time.
  • Simple Cure For Cancer
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