Being such an essential and ever-present part of our lives, we often take water for granted. Sadly, clean, fresh, healthy water is not readily available.

Chlorine – added to our water to kill living organisms.  Think chlorine gas killing soldiers in the trenches during  WW1. What do you think this does to our own cells and bacteria ?

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Fluoride – is an extremely toxic substance, up there with lead and arsenic. It is a by-product of the aluminum and fertilizer industries and is so toxic that it would cost these industries a fortune to dispose of. Furthermore, pharmaceutical grade fluoride is seldom used by the water authorities, instead the most commonly used chemicals are the toxic waste products of fertilizer production, hexafluorosilcic acid and hydrofluosilicic acid which are usually contaminated with many other toxins such as lead, mercury and cadmium. They have very cleverly and deviously convinced us that it is actually good for us and are disposing of it through our water supplies . The history of this is easily researched on the internet.

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Plastic Bottles, Pipes and Tanks – an array of toxic chemicals can leach out of plastics and into our water. Of course the plastics industry will try to deny this, but remember they are petroleum products and are full of chemicals that have no place in or on the human body !

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Aluminum Bottles, Mugs, Kettles and Pots – aluminum is a very toxic product. Do not use !

Lead and Copper Pipes – both nasty, toxic substances.

Bottled “Spring” Water – sadly it is a fact and well documented, that a large proportion of these bottled waters are merely from the same source as your tap water.



  • Use glass for drinking out of. Stainless steel is also better than plastic.
  • Filter all of your drinking water and ensure the filter removes chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals – must have a charcoal element.
  • Preferably have a “whole house” filtration system so that you are also not washing in these toxic substances.
  • Reverse osmosis filters will also remove these substances.
  • Encourage your authorities to ozonate rather than chlorinate the water. Ozonation kills the unwanted bacteria in the water and then dissipates as it is an unstable molecule.
  • Natural Springs – there are websites that advise the location of good spring water
Aquasana Whole House Filtration

Aquasana Whole House Filtration

There is a lot of confusing information out there such as:

– reverse osmosis water being devoid of minerals. You can get the minerals from good quality unrefined sea salt and a good diet.

– BPA free plastic. Well there are still pthalates and other unknowns in these petrochemical containers.

– alkaline water. There are some very expensive systems available but remember the stomach needs acid to digest food.

– ozonators in the home. If your water is from the municipal supply , then the bacteria have already been killed by chlorination. Ozone is a very unstable molecule and will dissipate rapidly.

Keep it simple by concentrating on just removing all of the toxins.

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Rivers, streams and lakes are not to be trusted unless you can guarantee there is no agricultural, industrial or mining runoff. Also take into account airborne pollutants and transfer of the pollution through the underground aquifer system.

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