What Is Cancer ?


What is Cancer ? Cancer is NOT some disease that you just pick up or are destined to get because of some genetic pre-disposition. Cancer is basically a proliferation of normal human cells  that have turned “rogue” in that they are not complying with the instruction that is inherent in human cells; to die when they are damaged or not operating properly. This cell-death, or “apoptosis” is a continual process of cell renewal in the human body. These “rogue” cells have been damaged and are merely obeying natures drive to survive and multiply.

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Three very important points to keep in your mind :

  1. Cancer cells change metabolic function from aerobic (with oxygen) to anerobic (without oxygen). They use the process of fermentation to obtain their “energy”.
  2. There are cancer stem cells, which make more cancer cells; and cancer daughter cells
  3. Cancer cells display an enormous reduction in the quantity of mitochondria and mitochondrial function. Mitochondria provide the energy to the cell and, it appears, communication between cells.

Please make sure to remember these three points as they are vital for the understanding of the cause and cures.

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Why do we get cancer ? First we must understand the term “epigenetics”. This is the process of “outside influences” that turn genes on or off. Imagine that your genes are the computer hardware and the outside influences are the software. It is the manipulation of the software that is important. Refering to point 3. above, cancer is  loss of communication or wrong communication. Something from outside, some external influence, has caused the cell  to forget it’s function and instead to concentrate on it’s own survival. These cells become immortal and we call a collection of such cells, “cancer”. So, why do we get cancer ? Something from outside, something un-natural to the human body has damaged our cells.

It is essential that we all change our perception of our bodies. We think of our bodies in a very simplistic way  as a couple of arms and legs, a body and a head with its brain plus the various internal organs.

You have to change your perception : We are a living community :

Cells : The figures are a lot of scientific guesswork but some say we are made up of 40 to 60 trillion cells. Each of these has been assigned a job and has the ability to communicate with the cells around it and in other parts of the body.

Bacteria :We also have around 100 trillion bacteria. That’s right , estimates are that we have more bacterial cells than what we call “human” cells. They also have their jobs.

Bacteriophages/Viruses – For every bacteria there are maybe ten bacteriophages or viruses.What is 100 trillion times 10 ? A number to make the number of our cells insignificant !!!

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Dr Shinya The Microbe Factor



This is a definite read as Dr Shinya, probably the world’s leading gastroenterologist, explains the human “biome” and how it’s health is vital to our immune system. More importantly, he explains how we can optimize our health by looking after a system that that the majority of people don’t even know exists.

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Parasites : We also have a thriving community of parasites, which we could well do without. These parasites thrive on sugar and a high carb diet ; start eating a diet predominantly consisting of raw organic vegetables, nuts, and good fats and oils , and you will soon starve these parasites into submission.

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Energy : Breaking this down further, on a quantum physics level,  everything is just energy. Important when considering surrounding energy sources and disruptors. Much more unbiased research needs to be done on the effect of cell phones, computers, wi-fi, powerlines and other electromagnetic sources.


So, in simple terms, what damages our cells, our DNA and our mitochondrial function ?

  • toxic food
  • toxic water
  • toxic air
  • toxic households and workplaces
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